.25 Caliber Air Rifles

Are you hunting coyote, fox, large predator birds, wild pigs or any larger game than a standard .177 or .22 caliber air rifle will not conquer? Then the .25 caliber air rifle is for you! These rifles will hit and hit hard. Most of these are PCP charged power and some have the option for CO2 filling such as my all time favorite .25 caliber air rifle the Benjamin Marauder!

Our other top 3 favorite .25 caliber air rifles:

1- Evanix Windy City II

2- Crosman/Benjamin Trail NP XL 725

3- Airforce Condor

The knock down power of the .25 caliber pellet is double that of the standard .22 air rifle and that much more again to that of the .177 caliber. The .25 is almost twice the size and weight of a .177 pellet, resulting in a kill shot to the head of a coyote. Check out the Youtube video below of the Benjamin Marauder .25 hunting a coyote. 

Evanix MAX Bullpup from Evanix

$2,102.15 $1,827.96